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Meet the Zoom Loom

Zoom Loom storage box

Build bigger projects from small squares.

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"Weave" a patchwork quiltβ€”and more!β€”with our free projects.

Projects and Tutorials
Cat Phone Pillow

You'll love what you can make with this little loom.

Zoom Loom Projects

Free Premium Course with $500 Purchase

Through the month of February, you can get a free Premium Course (up to $49 value!) with a minimum purchase of $500. Click on the gift box at the right of your screen to learn more.

Rigid Heddle Weaving: Easy Pick-up

Follow the Yellow Dots

Zoom Loom, warped and partially woven

Zoom Loom


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Flip Loom on Trestle Stand

Flip Rigid Heddle Looms

From $368.00

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Hi-Lo Drop Spindles

Hi-Lo Drop Spindles


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Wolf Must-Haves

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Baby Wolf 8-shaft loom with High Castle Tray and Trap
Baby Wolf 8-shaft loom and Wolf Stroller
Baby Wolf 8-shaft loom with High Castle Tray and Trap
Wolf Raddle
Wolf sectional beam

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