Handcrafted in Boulder, Colorado

Built to a Higher Standard

weaving on a Wolf Pup LT

Our products

bobbins for spinning wheels
whorls for Flatiron, Ladybug, Matchless, and Sidekick wheels
Niddy Noddy in maple
Ultra Umbrella Swift
36in Standard Floor Loom with double back beam
Mighty Wolf loom
Baby Wolf 4-shaft loom
Wolf Pup 8.10 with double back beam
Wolf Pup LT and Treadle Tracker
Cricket Loom and Cricket Quartet
Flip Loom on Trestle Stand
warping board, 4-1/2 yd
Ultra Umbrella Swift
heddle hooks in 3 styles
Yardage Counter
Apron Cords for Maple Wolf and Maple or Cherry Standard Floor Looms
drive bands for spinning wheels

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