Social Responsibility

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For over 50 years, Schacht has been a value-driven enterprise striving to be inclusive and respectful of others. We have always felt that our diversity has been our strength.

At time of writing, our 46 current employees include

  • 20 persons of color (including Latino/a, Hmong, and Asian American).
  • Employees’ ages range from 20 to 80. 
  • Workers practice a variety of religions; identify as LGBTQ; deal with mental and physical challenges.
  • Our workforce includes 26 women and 20 men. Half of our managers are women and 2 of our managers are persons of color.

We work hard to be sure that we are inclusive, safe, and welcoming to all.

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It has always made sense to us to find ways to conserve, both because it saves money and because it reduces our environmental impact.

  • Through a program from the city of Boulder, all our waste is separated into three bins: compost, recycling, trash.
  • Every Friday we put our scrap wood outside that is given away for free. Small downfall can be used for kindling; larger pieces are often saved for local woodturners.
  • We have lowered our energy use by changing all lighting to LED, switching our energy to on-demand, and cooling much of the factory with energy-efficient evaporative cooling.
  • Our wood is sustainably raised in forests in northern Michigan and Canada.
  • The oil we use for finishing our wood is hand rubbed (not sprayed) and is free of ozone-damaging drying agents.