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How do I wrap a Wolf loom or Standard Floor Loom for moving?

This PDF contains photos and details for wrapping your Wolf loom for long distance moves.  The steps are similar for all Wolf looms and Standard Floor Looms: ...

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How do I remove, move, or add heddles on a shaft loom?

Weavers often need to move heddles from one shaft to another, or add new heddles for a pattern, or remove heddles to make more space....

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How and when did the mother-of-all change on the Ladybug and Matchless?

We improved the mother-of-all (MOA) on the Ladybug and Matchless in December 2012. Updated MOAs for both wheels have a groove in the top to hold...

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What is the weaving sett of my Lilli Loom, School Loom, or Easel Weaver?

Schacht's Lilli Loom, School Loom, and Easel Weavers all have beam teeth. They have a sett of 5-1/2 or 6 ends per inch (EPI), due...

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