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How do I adjust the rear bearing on my Sidekick?

You'll need a #2 Phillips screwdriver. With the flyer assembly installed, make sure the front and rear maidens are vertical and pushed against their stops....

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Caring for Your Spinning Wheel

Try to keep the wheel in a dry, moderate climate. Try to avoid temperature extremes (i.e. keep out of direct sunlight and really damp and...

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My bobbins are noisy—how do I fix?

To fix noisy bobbins use white grease lubricant (available at most hardware stores). Place the bobbin on the flyer shaft. Then place a small amount...

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Sidekick Troubleshooting

Clunking sound while spinning backwards (counterclockwise) If you have an older Sidekick (pre-2016) some wooden hubs were prone to detach from the nylon drive wheel....

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How do I fold the Sidekick and put it in the bag?

The Sidekick bag was designed to fit your wheel perfectly and snugly inside. There is only one correct way to insert your Sidekick into the...

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