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Caring for Your Spinning Wheel

Try to keep the wheel in a dry, moderate climate. Try to avoid temperature extremes (i.e. keep out of direct sunlight and really damp and...

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My bobbins are noisy—how do I fix?

To fix noisy bobbins use white grease lubricant (available at most hardware stores). Place the bobbin on the flyer shaft. Then place a small amount...

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Sidekick Troubleshooting

Clunking sound while spinning backwards (counterclockwise) If you have an older Sidekick (pre-2016) some wooden hubs were prone to detach from the nylon drive wheel....

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Where do I find the serial number on my spinning wheel and what does it mean?

Each Schacht-Reeves wheel has a unique sequential number. It's found on the brass nameplate on the base. For our other spinning wheels, the serial number...

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