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What's the slant of the Floor Loom Bench seat?

You can assemble the Floor Loom Bench with the seat parallel to the floor (180 degrees) or at a slant of 5.25 degrees. Some weavers...

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My used Schacht product has broken parts or parts missing—how can I get replacements?

If you buy a used Schacht product, we may be able to help you get it into working condition. Our Customer Service specialists can help...

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How do I register my Schacht product?

You can register any Schacht product by filling out this form online. (We do not sell customer information.) If you purchased a Schacht spinning wheel,...

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How do I identify hardware when I assemble my Schacht product?

The short version: You can identify the hardware packed with your Schacht product from its drive type, head shape, and length. If you need to...

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How can I sell my used Schacht products?

We do not buy back used equipment and are unable to provide information on the value of used equipment since this depends heavily on the...

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