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Where do I get parts for my inkle loom?

All products and parts that we currently sell have a product page. Go to the Buy menu or use the search function. Parts for the...

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What does a loom do?

All looms perform the same basic task of holding warp under tension. On the simplest looms, the weaver manipulates a needle threaded with weft yarn...

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Where do I get heddles for my Inkle Loom?

You will need a heddle for each warp end listed on the top row of your pattern draft. String heddles should be made of a...

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How do I replace loose dowels on my Inkle Loom?

We mill the dowels to extremely tight tolerances and then press-fit them into the loom frame. Inkle looms operate under very high tension and stress...

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What is the best way to warp my specialty, tapestry, or frame loom?

"Warping" refers to putting a set of warp threads (also called warp ends) onto a loom. The method you choose depends on the type of...

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