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Centering The Warp On A Shaft Loom

When you weave on any shaft loom (Cricket Quartet, Schacht Table Loom, Wolf loom, or Standard Floor Loom, your warp should be centered on the...

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What does a loom do?

All looms perform the same basic task of holding warp under tension. On the simplest looms, the weaver manipulates a needle threaded with weft yarn...

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I'm not getting a shed on my Cricket, Cricket Quartet, or Flip loom—is there any easy fix?

If you warped your loom and don't get a shed when the heddle is down, it's likely that your warp didn't go over the back...

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How do I measure a stainless steel reed? What is "weaving width"?

The stainless steel reed, installed on the beater of your shaft loom, has two jobs: It spaces the warp ends evenly at the sett you...

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Do I need more than one reed for my shaft loom?

It's convenient to have reeds at different setts for your Schacht loom: if you're following a pattern, you don't have to adapt the sleying or...

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