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What is the weaving sett of my Lilli Loom, School Loom, or Easel Weaver?

Schacht's Lilli Loom, School Loom, and Easel Weavers all have beam teeth. They have a sett of 5-1/2 or 6 ends per inch (EPI), due...

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What does a loom do?

All looms perform the same basic task of holding warp under tension. On the simplest looms, the weaver manipulates a needle threaded with weft yarn...

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How do I remove a weaving from a frame loom?

The Lilli Loom, School Loom, and Easel Weaver are frame looms with beam teeth. This video shows several ways to remove your project from these...

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What is the best way to warp my specialty, tapestry, or frame loom?

"Warping" refers to putting a set of warp threads (also called warp ends) onto a loom. The method you choose depends on the type of...

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