Frequently Asked Questions

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My used Schacht product has broken parts or parts missing—how can I get replacements?

If you buy a used Schacht product, we may be able to help you get it into working condition. Our Customer Service specialists can help...

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How do I register my Schacht product?

You can register any Schacht product by filling out this form online. (We do not sell customer information.) If you purchased a Schacht spinning wheel,...

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How can I get a Schacht catalog?

Our most recent print catalog came out for the 50th anniversary in 2019. You can view it online. You can find product information on this...

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Where can I find product information on this website?

All products and parts that we currently sell have a product page. If that item has a product manual, it's linked on that page. Go...

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Where can I find spinning and weaving projects on this website?

Schacht releases free projects or tutorials every month! Sign up for the newsletter here.   Find the latest projects and tutorials here. Find vintage projects,...

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