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How do I remove, move, or add heddles on a shaft loom?

Weavers often need to move heddles from one shaft to another, or add new heddles for a pattern, or remove heddles to make more space....

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How do I square the beater on my loom?

1. Check to see if your floor is level. If you have found that your beater does not come up square to the front beam,...

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Troubleshooting Brakes on Standard Floor and Wolf Looms

Brake Won't Hold Inspect the brake hub (you donโ€™t need to remove it to do this). If the hub is grooved, the cable will not...

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How do I adjust heddle bar hooks on my Baby Wolf, Mighty Wolf, or Standard Floor Loom?

The end of the heddle bar hook should be approximately 3" from the outside of the harness frame. If your heddles slide freely on the...

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How do I fix "sticky" or "floating" shafts on my loom?

Easy Fixes Check to make sure that the loom is level. To check level, place a level across the front beam and then the back...

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