How do I wrap a Wolf loom or Standard Floor Loom for moving?

This PDF contains photos and details for wrapping your Wolf loom for long distance moves. 

The steps are similar for all Wolf looms and Standard Floor Looms: 

  1. Fold the loom and secure the fold knobs.
  2. Remove small parts that could stick out, like the warp beam crank handle and its cap nut. 
  3. Use stretch wrap to secure parts that could fall off, such as the brake hold (Standard Floor Looms only) and apron bars. 
  4. Wrap the reed and beater together, then wrap the beater to the castle so it doesn't swing back and forth.
  5. Wrap the ratchet gear, ratchet dog, and ratchet advance lever. Wrap the non-gear end of the cloth beam.

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