How do I square the beater on my loom?

1. Check to see if your floor is level.

If you have found that your beater does not come up square to the front beam, the first and most important thing to check is the level of the floor, as an un-level loom will cause the beater to go slightly out of square. Check the level of the loom by placing a level on the front beam and then on the back beam. If the loom is not level, turn the loom 90 degrees and check the level again. If the loom is still not level, turn it again 90 degrees and check the level.

2. A non-level floor can be remedied by shimming.

If after turning the loom you cannot find a level place for it, you will need to adjust the level of the loom by placing a spacer, such as a rubber pad or piece of carpet under the loom leg or legs that are lower. Place the spacer under the lower front leg. Then, check the level on that side front to back. If the loom is not level front to back, place another spacer under the back leg on the same side of the loom. If the beater is still not square, proceed to the next step.

3. Realign the beater.

All beaters are precisely set at the factory. Some movement in the position of the beater may occur due to several reasons: shipping and handling, internal movement of the wood due to varying moisture levels of different geographic areas, loosening of bolts. Below is a list of suggestions to assist you in realigning your beater.

Check all of the bolts for tightness. Grab the beater in both hands and twist it in the direction it needs to go. Pull forward on one side and push back on the other. Do this a little at a time until it comes up square to the front beam. Move the beater back and forth to see if it continues to hit squarely. If you find that it still needs adjusting, try the following: 

Slightly loosen all four side bolts on the beater race and the two wing nuts on the beater front. Bring the beater to sit squarely against the front beam and tighten all the nuts and bolts. If after tightening all the bolts the frame is still crooked, mark the placement of the beater supports for reference, and slightly loosen both bolts on either side. Again check for square, then tighten the bolts. If the beater is still not square, make a shim using a piece of cardstock or file folder, and see the diagram below on how to adjust the beater with a shim. (It will be easier to do this if you remove the beater top and reed.) For example, if you put a shim next to the front bolt on the right side, put the other shim next to the rear bolt on the left side.

shimming the beater

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