I'm not getting a shed on my Cricket, Cricket Quartet, or Flip loom—is there any easy fix?

If you warped your loom and don't get a shed when the heddle is down, it's likely that your warp didn't go over the back beam. If this is the case, there is an easy solution and you do not have to re-warp the whole loom. 

  1. Remove the loom's back beam. You'll need a #2 Phillips screwdriver.
  2. Loosen the tension on the warp.
  3. Slide the back beam under the warp ends, then reattach it to the loom.

See a demonstration in the video below.


Parts of the Flip rigid heddle loom

parts of Flip loom


Though the Cricket Quartet is a shaft loom, the same solution is likely to work. Check the path of the warp yarn—does it go up and over the back beam? If it does, and you're still not getting a shed, the heddles aren't threaded correctly. Check the pattern draft against your threading.


back beam on Cricket Quartet


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