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What is the best way to warp my shaft loom?

Wolf looms, the Standard Floor Loom, the Schacht Table Loom, and the Cricket Quartet are all considered shaft looms—they have a stainless steel reed and...

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How do I install apron bars and apron cords on my Cricket or Cricket Quartet?

For Cricket looms, with or without a Cricket Quartet installed, you'll use one apron cord for each hole in the warp beam and cloth beam. You'll find...

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How do I assemble my Cricket Quartet?

See our complete demonstration here. We've also got a free course on assembling, warping, and weaving.

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How do I warp and weave on my Cricket Quartet?

We have a free course! "Buy" the course here and take it whenever you wish.

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How do I choose stainless steel reeds for my loom?

It's best to buy reeds that match the weaving width of your loom. If you buy a narrower reed, it limits the weaving width of...

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