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Where do I find the serial number on my spinning wheel and what does it mean?

Each Schacht-Reeves wheel has a unique sequential number. It's found on the brass nameplate on the base. For our other spinning wheels, the serial number...

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How do I oil a spinning wheel flyer?

See your wheel's assembly manual or watch this video demonstration.

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How do I replace the drive band on my spinning wheel?

You can purchase drive bands for all Schacht spinning wheels here. Schacht-Reeves: See the assembly manual or watch this video.    Matchless: See the assembly manual...

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Do I need a bulky flyer to use a bulky bobbin? Do I need a bulky front maiden to use a bulky flyer?

To spin with a bulky bobbin, you need 3 bulky parts: a bulky bobbin, a bulky flyer, and the front maiden for your wheel. However,...

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