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How do I adjust the rear bearing on my Sidekick?

You'll need a #2 Phillips screwdriver. With the flyer assembly installed, make sure the front and rear maidens are vertical and pushed against their stops....

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How do I square the beater on my loom?

1. Check to see if your floor is level. If you have found that your beater does not come up square to the front beam,...

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How do I warp a rigid heddle loom with two heddles?

These instructions and diagrams refer to the Flip rigid heddle loom. 1. Measure warp chains for indirect warping. We don’t recommend the direct method with...

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How do I fix the fold knob on my Wolf loom?

On older Wolf looms, if you completely unscrew the fold knob, the metal T-nut that the knob screws into can slip down inside the castle...

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