Weaving To Woo - Inlay Heart Inkle Band

Weaving To Woo - Inlay Heart Inkle Band

Designed and woven by Jane Patrick

The symbolism of the heart depicting love dates back to around the 15th century, according to some art historians, while others say it was the 13th century. No matter when the heart became a recognized symbol for love, we know that it is a symbol that has lasted and will last for many more centuries.

Inlaid hearts allow for color changes along the length of a band. Instead of threading the pattern in the warp, I’ve created it in the weft with a supplementary weft. This technique is based on dukagang, a Scandinavian technique in which a weft is inlaid and tied down at intervals by a single warp yarn. Create a band to wrap a package or trim a top. Or put on a long warp and weave several bookmarks for your best buddies.

Materials and Equipment

  • 4 colors of pink embroidery floss
  • 10/2 perle cotton in natural
  • 5/2 perle cotton in pink
  • Schacht inkle loom
  • Schacht belt shuttle
  • popsicle stick
  • tapestry needle

Download the PDF.

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