Zoom Loom Project Archives

Zoom Loom Project Archives

We published these free PDFs between 2013 and 2015, soon after the Zoom Loom came out. Find designs by John Mullarkey, Constance Hall, Jane Patrick, Stephanie Flynn, and Benjamin Krudwig, listed alphabetically by project name.

Arrow Slippers by Stephanie Flynn Sokolov

arrow slippers


Baby Blue Squared Blanket by Constance Hall


Bolster Squared by Constance Hall

bolster squared


Citrus Squared Shawl by Constance Hall

citrus squared


Cowl with Patterned Squares by John Mullarkey


Festive Trivet by Benjamin Krudwig

festive trivet


Infinity Squared Cowl by Constance Hall



It's Spring Coasters by Jane Patrick

It's Spring coasters


Laramie Squared Tote by Constance Hall

laramie squared tote


Pincushions Squared by Constance Hall



Pixie Hat by John Mullarkey

pixie hat


Ruffled Squared Scarf by Constance Hall

ruffled squared scarf


Spanish Moss Shawl by John Mullarkey

spanish moss shawl


Savi's Blanket by John Mullarkey

savi's blanket


Squared Uptown Bag by Constance Hall

squared uptown bag


Tablet Pouch by John Mullarkey

tablet pouch


Traveling Checkerboard and Bag by Constance Hall

traveling checkerboard and bag


Zippy Bow Tie by Benjamin Krudwig

zippy bow tie



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