Zigzag Scarf with Beads

Zigzag Scarf with Beads

Designed and woven by Jean deCoster

Here's a quick and easy project that will make a great accessory for early fall.

Zoom Loom squares are overlapped at the points, stitched together and accented with a line of beads up the center.

Materials and Equipment

Yarn: Elemental Affects Rustic Lace (1 skein is plenty)

48 or so beads

sewing thread to match squares and sewing needle


Weave 12 squares.


Wet finished by washing vigorously by hand (soap and hot water to wash, cold water to rinse) to encourage the yarn to bloom and soften. (This Shetland is very slow to felt.) Tug at two opposite corners to encourage a diamond shape, apply a hot iron for a short time and let dry in shape.


Overlap the points and sew together using matching yarn and a tapestry needle.

To finish, sew on beads of choice in random order and embellish with two lines of running stitches (matching or not) on either side of the beads.

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