Schacht Cranbrook Countermarche Loom

Schacht took over production of the historic Cranbrook Loom in 1996. We discontinued this loom and its accessories in 2023.


How to Adjust the Shed

If the upper shed (raised warps) are uneven:
Raise the threads by shortening the lower lamm cord of the errant shaft.

If the lower shed (sinking warps) needs to be adjusted:
Determine which shafts are errant and whether they need to be raised or lowered (that is, if shaft 2 is the only shaft that is hanging above or below the other sinking warps, fix this one only).  To adjust, either shorten or lengthen the tie-up cord to the suspended (upper) lamm.

Lower lamm = rising shed = red (usually O in the tie-up draft)
Remember: bottoms up!

Upper lamm = sinking shed = black

Product Photos

Schacht Cranbrook Loom
Schacht Cranbrook Loom
Suspended Tool Shelf
Weaving Bench
Sliding Threading Bench
Beater Weight
Tension Box Rail

Product Descriptions And Manuals

Download the product manual.

The Schacht Cranbrook Loom is widely considered to be the
finest countermarche loom available today. A countermarche
loom has a balanced system of rising and sinking shafts operated
by 2 sets of lamms, an upper suspended lamm and a lower
pivoting lamm. Each shaft works independently, its operation
not affecting that of the other shafts. The Cranbrook’s rock-solid
construction, streamlined tie-up system, overhead beater, and
roominess all contribute to a high-performing loom for weaving’s
toughest chores.

The tie-up system of the Schacht Cranbrook employs a
special-size Texsolv nylon loop cord that remains permanently
installed on the treadles and may be tied to either the upper
or lower lamm. Front, rear, and knee beams of powder-coated
tubular steel give the loom added rigidity while offering better
protection for the warp. Locking treadles are especially helpful
for rug and tapestry weaving. The worm gear, standard on all
Schacht Cranbrook looms, affords precise tensioning with ease.
The Schacht Cranbrook can be expanded from 4 to 8 shafts at any
time; it is available in 48", 60", and 72" weaving widths.

Download the product manual.

Take full advantage of the Cranbrook's weaving width, at the height you prefer. Benches come in 48", 60", and 72" sizes to match the loom. Assemble with a flat or slanted top.

Download the product manual.

This handy accessory adds storage to the Cranbrook. It hangs at the top of the loom, where supplies are within easy reach.

Warp in comfort across the whole width of the loom. The threading bench comes in one size that fits all looms. It sits on the rear cross beam.

Download the product manual.

A raddle spreads the warp ends evenly in back-to-front warping.

Download the product manual.

Allows an extra-firm beat for rugs and other weft-emphasis weavings.

Download the product manual.

A double back beam and warp beam allow the weaver to add a supplementary warp.

Download the product manual.

Looms made before 1996 had a different sectional beam—download the product manual.

A sectional warp beam helps evenly tension very long warps. It's used in conjunction with a tension box.

Download the product manual.

For sectional warping—clamp a tension box to this rail.

Download the product manual.

Adds a second raddle (for back-to-front warping) on looms with double back beams.

Download the product manual.

At one time, Schacht made kits for adding treadles.

Download the product manual.

This accessory lifts woven cloth away from the weaver's knees.

The Cranbrook: Legacy of a Loom

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