Matchless single treadle wheel with new MOA

Matchless Single Treadle Spinning Wheel

The single treadle Matchless was our first spinning wheel, released in 1987 and discontinued in 2020. Its double treadle version (released in 1995) remains in production.

Both styles of Matchless have gone through changes over the years:

  • The metal treadle support changed to a wooden treadle support and brace. We have update kits available for single and double treadle wheels; contact Customer Service. 
  • The mother-of-all (MOA) attached with a T-knob, with a bar controlling tension, changed in December 2012. 
Matchless single treadle wheel with old MOA
All Matchless wheels made after that point have a quick release lever holding the front maiden to the MOA. The MOA has a groove for the Scotch tension spring and string; the spinner turns a Scotch tension knob to adjust take-up.
Matchless single treadle wheel with new MOA
  • Leather hinges on the treadles were changed to PVC hinges in 2016.

Some repair parts may be available—contact Customer Service for additional information and product support.

Download the product manual.


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