4-shaft Table Loom on Table Loom Stand

Table Loom

Schacht released its first Table Loom in 1977—weavers could buy a treadle stand too, called the Floor Loom Conversion Kit. Eventually, this product line included 4-shaft and 8-shaft looms in 3 widths (15", 20", and 25"), plus double back beams and stands for each size.

The treadle stand was discontinued in 1990. The 20" and 25" looms were discontinued in 2020. The 15" loom and all stands were discontinued in 2023.

Some repair parts are available, along with product support. Contact customer service.

Table Loom on Table Loom Stand

Download the Table Loom product manual.

Download the Table Loom Stand product manual.


table loom on treadle stand

Download the Treadle Stand product manual.

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