Can I weave rugs on my Wolf loom?

Rugs require heavy beating, which puts stress on the frame of the loom. People who weave a lot of rugs typically use a countermarche loom like the Schacht Cranbrook (adding a beater weight for this purpose) or a sturdy floor loom like the Standard Floor Loom. The Wolf looms are lighter in weight with an X-frame design, so they can be folded and moved. That lighter weight needs some help for occasional rug projects.

Gail Madden worked out several clever techniques for creating rag rugs on her Baby Wolf. This PDF offers her advice (and a photo) for

  • weighting or bracing the loom
  • adding a beater weight
  • choosing rags for weft
  • choosing yarn for warp
  • choosing a weave structure

Gail was a friend of Schacht Spindle Company for many years. She maintained the weaving library at the Boulder shop Shuttles, Spindles, and Skeins. When the shop closed, the books came to us for the Schacht School of Textile Arts.

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