How do I install apron bars and apron cords on my Wolf loom or Standard Floor Loom?

Apron bars and cords are installed in one of two ways on Schacht products:

  • Multiple short cords hang straight from the beam to the apron bar.
short cords, one per hole in the beam
  • One long cord is held against the beam with a 1/4" dowel, then the cord loops around the apron bar.
one long cord per beam

Multiple Short Cords

For maple Wolf looms, maple Standard Floor Looms, and double back beams (maple or cherry) for Standard Floor Looms built on or after October 1, 1999

You'll find instructions in the product manual, and this video demonstrates all the steps:


One Long Cord

For cherry or walnut Wolf looms, Wolf double back beams, and Standard Floor Looms built on or after October 1, 1999


Download the PDF.

Note: These instructions replace those in the loom assembly manual.

For each beam, you will use:
1X     long piece of Texsolv cord
1X     1/4″ dowel
1X     apron bar

  1. Install one cord on each beam as follows:
  2. Insert an end of the 1/4″ dowel through the first full loop from the end of the Texsolv cord (Figure 1).
  3. Thread the free end of the cord through the outermost hole on one end of the warp beam—an unbent paper clip will help here. Pull the cord through the hole until the cord and the dowel are snug against the warp beam (Figure 2).
  4. Pass the cord around the apron bar, leaving about 30″ between the warp beam and the apron bar.
  5. Bring the cord back to the warp beam and insert it in the return direction through the next hole in the beam. Loop the cord around the dowel and thread it back through the same hole. Continue threading the cord around the apron rod and through the beam in this manner until you reach the end of the beam.
  6. Thread the cord into the last hole on the beam and insert the other end of the 1/4″ dowel into the second loop from the end of the cord.

cherry apron bars


Older Wolf looms, Standard Floor Looms, and double back beams 

If your Wolf loom or Standard Floor Loom was built before October 1, 1999, it has pairs of holes drilled through the warp/cloth/double back beams. To attach apron bars, you will use one long black nylon apron cord* or multiple short white Texsolv apron cords, sold in packs of 5.

*Schacht no longer carries the black nylon cord, which was sold in a 14-yard package. If you find it sold elsewhere, you will need one package for each beam on the loom (cloth beam, warp beam, and/or second warp beam). Installation instructions are below.

To replace one long cord with short Texsolv cords, install one cord at each end of the beam, then at one hole of each pair.

steps for installing short cords
  1. Insert one end of a cord through a hole in the beam and pull the cord through. Then insert the other end through the second hole in the end of the cord that you just put through the beam. Pull firmly on the cord to tighten (A). Repeat across the cloth beam and the warp beam.
  2. To attach the apron bar to the apron cords, take a pinch of the cord about 4″ from the end (B). Insert the pinched cord through the second hole in the cord. Pull on the pinched cord until a new loop forms that is large enough for the apron bar to slip through (C). Slide the apron bar through the loop (D) and pull tight. Repeat until all cords are attached to the apron bar. Attach the other apron bar to its beam in the same way.

Installing black nylon cord

  1. Tie a knot in one end of the cord, about 1/2″ from the end. Thread the opposite end through the single hole on one side of the beam. Pass the cord through the first hole under the end of the apron bar and back up through the next hole in the beam. The cord is now threaded back through the next hole and carried down and through the next hole in the beam. Continue in this way until the entire beam has been threaded. Tie another knot in the end of the cord after you have reached the opposite end of the beam.
  2. Adjust the cord until the apron bar is parallel to the beam. Adjustments are made by pulling the cord up and down, somewhat like adjusting a shoelace, until the loops that hold the apron bar are all the same length. It is important to have the apron bar parallel to the beam or problems with the tension are likely to arise during weaving. Once adjusted, the cord is quite secure and will remain in position.

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