How do I use the warp coils on the Arras Tapestry Loom?

Your Arras Tapestry Loom comes with 4 color-coded coils that space out the warp ends evenly as you're warping.

  • Before you warp, choose the sett you want:

blue = 4 threads per inch, 20" long

gold = 5 threads per inch, 20" long

red = 6 threads per inch, 27" long

black = 8 threads per inch, 40" long

  • Remove the warp sett rod from its clips on the top beam and slide the rod through your desired coil. Clip the warp sett rod onto the top beam, fitting the coil between the clips. Use clips on the top if you want to warp from the front or use clips on the back to warp from the back. (After warping is completed, you can carefully slide the rod and coil around to the top, if desired.)

installing warp coil and warp sett rod

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