Receiving Your Loom Delivery

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Prior to your loom delivery, we will send you an email with the tracking information for your shipment. The shipping company will contact you when the loom arrives at their hub to set up a delivery window. Please let your dealer know as early as possible if you have any special delivery requirements or situations that might affect the delivery of your loom.
At the time of delivery, drivers are only required to offload your freight where the truck is parked. The driver will use a lift-gate to remove your loom from the truck and to the ground only. If you would like any additional service beyond this, you will need to arrange this through your dealer as soon as possible. Additional charges will apply.
Although rare, sometimes damage occurs in shipping. Before signing the delivery receipt please check the box(s) for damage. You are responsible for checking the condition of the cartons and contents upon receipt. No matter how slight the damage to the carton (crushed corner, for example), note it on the delivery receipt. The drivers are only required to let you inspect the inside of the carton(s) if there is any visible damage on the outside of the box. If there is any doubt, please refuse the delivery! There are no additional fees if you refuse the delivery due to box or loom damage. Noting damage, along with signing the delivery receipt, protects your interests in the event concealed damage has occurred.
Save the box and packing materials in the event you may need to return your loom.
Reject the shipment if noticeable damage to the loom has occurred. If you have already received and signed for the loom and then find concealed damage, call your dealer immediately. Take pictures from all angles of the damage, as well as the box. These pictures are very important in filing a claim with the freight company. Having pictures is a great help in knowing if any replacement parts are needed, as well as, recovering the costs of the damage to your loom. Failure to report damage on your part could jeopardize our ability to file a claim.
We will promptly address any issues you may have with your shipment or product.
Don’t hesitate to call your dealer if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for ordering a Schacht Loom and we wish you many enjoyable hours of weaving!
Your Schacht team.

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