What is a 4-Now 4-Later loom?

Our Baby Wolf, Mighty Wolf, and Standard Floor Looms are available as 4 Now-4 Later looms. The loom is built with 4 shafts installed and space to add 4 additional shafts later.

Weavers might prefer the convenience or affordability of a 4 Now-4 Later loom:

  • If you don't feel ready for 8-shaft patterns, it's easier to warp correctly for 4-shaft patterns without unused shafts on the loom!
  • It's like buying an 8-shaft loom on an installment plan.

Your 4 Now-4 Later loom ships with all the treadles, tie-ups, and heddles of an 8-shaft loom. When you order the 4-Later kit for the Standard Floor Loom (either size) or Wolf loom, you'll receive the shaft frames and jack assemblies. See the assembly manual here.

The Wolf Pup 8.10 and Wolf Pup LT are not available as 4 Now-4 Later looms. The 8.10 comes with 8 shafts already installed. The LT comes with 4 shafts installed and no space for 4 more shafts. It is not possible to convert an LT to an 8.10.

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