Why does the Flip rigid heddle loom come with three apron bars?

Your Flip Loom includes 3 apron bars to provide more weaving options. You'll always need an apron bar for the cloth beam and the warp beam. Use the 3rd apron bar as a heddle rod when you want to use two pick-up sticks that can’t be left in at the same time. The video below shows how to set up a heddle rod.

The third apron bar can also limit loom waste if you want to cut off a project in mid-warp—for instance, you're weaving towels and want to cut off each one as you finish it. Here's how to do it:

  1. Finish the weaving.
  2. Weave several picks (about an inch) with scrap yarn and hemstitch. You'll cut just in front of this in Step 5.
  3. Weave in the dowel: open the next shed and place the dowel into it, as close to the fell line as possible. Use the rigid heddle to beat into place if you wish.
  4. Weave about an inch with scrap yarn.
  5. Cut off the weaving just before the hemstitching (the picks woven in step 2).
  6. Lash on the dowel to the front apron bar.

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