2023 Schacht Tools For Schools Grant Winners

2023 Schacht Tools For Schools Grant Winners

Congratulations to all!

Brooklyn Heights Montessori School in Brooklyn, New York

With their 15" Cricket looms, 7th and 8th grade students at Brooklyn Heights Montessori School will combine math, science, humanities, and art to create wool scarves. Students will naturally dye their wool yarn, plan a weaving, warp and weave on the rigid heddle loom, and finish the project for structural integrity. They'll donate finished scarves to local organizations that assist people who live without homes.

Brooklyn Heights Montessori School


Christ the Divine Teacher School in Latrobe, Pennsylvania

Christ the Divine Teacher School will receive 8" Easel Weaver looms for their art curriculum and Fiber Arts Club. Students will design and make wall hangings as they learn about the history of handwoven textiles. Since the Fiber Arts Club has been using cardboard looms, Easel Weavers will expand their weaving potential.

Christ the Divine Teacher School


Fine Line Creative Arts Center in Saint Charles, Illinois

With the addition of Flip Rigid Heddle looms, Fine Line Creative Arts Center will grow their weaving and textiles program. Fine Line was founded in 1979, where they started with weaving classes. Their curriculum now includes other craft media, but they remain dedicated to teaching weaving. They organize a Teacher Institute Day where 80 K-12 educators learn about teaching weaving in their own classrooms. The rigid heddle looms will be used to train teachers as well as their classes open to the general public.

Fine Line Creative Arts Center


Marine Mills Folk School in Saint Croix, Minnesota

Marine Mills Folk School is an experiential learning center where students can learn about fiber arts, woodworking, baking, and more. It was founded in 2018 and has expanded greatly since. The school will receive 15" Cricket Looms to further their fiber arts program. They currently have inkle and tapestry looms and are excited to offer rigid heddle weaving as another way for students to weave.

Marine Mills Folk School

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