Schacht Summer Party 2023

Schacht Summer Party 2023

We love to get creative and have fun at Schacht, and our summer party was the perfect opportunity to do both! We took a break from work to have some fun in the sun šŸŒž

From playing lawn games to ice-dyeing t-shirts, we enjoyed taking some time to relax, unwind, and enjoy each other's company.

In the photo above, we wear our ice-dyed t-shirts. People prepped damp shirts by rolling, twisting, or adding resists. Then we laid the shirts in vats for different color combos, dumped ice on top, and then sprinkled powdered fiber reactive dye and soda ash on top. As the ice melted, the powders dissolved in random patterns on the shirts. It's a fun, easy way to dye cellulose fibers!


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