Cindy fixes a Matchless at Spinning & Weaving Week 2023

Welcome To Our New Blog

I’m Cindy Lair, and in the 35 years I’ve been at Schacht, I’ve worn a variety of hats: Matchless Spinning Wheel builder (first job), Production lead, then manager, Planning manager and currently, quality control and customer service. I’ve also been known as the Spinning Wheel whisperer, attended many conferences, tweaked, and fixed too many wheels to count. Over the years, I’ve spent a fair amount of time fixing looms. If you’ve filled out a customer service form in the last couple of years, it probably has been me who responded.

Every few weeks, I’ll be sending articles, interesting tidbits, and contributions from our readers, as well as guest authors. I’m excited about this new unique blog to build community through sharing information. I hope to hear from you.

Since I am really excited about it, I’d like to introduce you to our new user-friendly website. (Note: since the website is brand new, please let us know if you encounter a “404”. We are grateful for your assistance.)

As you scroll through the home page, sign up for our newsletter where you see the words “Bring fiber magic to your inbox.” Our newsletter is informative with important dates for product releases, school announcements, projects with complete instructions, as well as spinning and weaving techniques.

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Once you are signed up for the newsletter, continue with the main page where we give you a taste of who we are, our products, and our people. Check out those cute yellow dots on photos, popping up specific information about the product displayed.

You can now buy directly from our website, and you’ll also notice little shop symbols that note “Find a Dealer”, so that you can also easily find Schacht products at your favorite Schacht dealer.
Find a dealer icon on product page

Please use the “Find a Dealer” page and get involved locally, maybe even becoming a dealer—there’s also information on our website for that as well!

Find a dealer map

In my world, learning, curiosity, and community are everything, so there can never be too many schools. Recently, we added the School of Textile Arts to what we do here at Schacht. Our instructors are very committed to helping us all learn what we want whether online or in person at our School of Textile Arts. Our website also includes projects, tutorials, and FAQs about our equipment, all designed to get your creativity sparking.

My personal focus for the blog will be largely equipment related. That said, the blog will also feature a whole host of topics and guest writers (maybe even you) as we expand our community through friendship and support.

“Did you know? We make over a thousand individual pieces for our products.”

 PS: I can be reached at

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