Zoom Loom Yarn Explorations 2013

Humble Acres Yarn

Humble Acres Yarn

From the former Mango Moon, Humble Acres Yarn, we have Wooly, a 100% lambswool hand-spun and hand-dyed in Nepal, in color Grape. As a single ply, this yarn felts wonderfully and would be great for any project needing a sturdier fabric. As with most variegated yarns, Wooly makes some fun plaid-like patterns when crossed with itself.

Humble Acres swatches

Also from Mango Moon, their famous Recycled Silk on the left, and a new yarn called Twist in color Orange on the right. Twist is a sport weight 85% linen/15% cotton, very soft, smooth, and sturdy. The fiber content and open weave would be fabulous for a lined summer bag. The Recycled Silk makes a very firm square and feels wonderful in the hand.

Humbles Acres swatches

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