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Sidekick Folding Spinning Wheel

SKU: SK7770


Get your Sidekick now! It shares the same flyer, bobbin, and whorls as the Schacht Matchless, Ladybug, or Flatiron. NOTE: The Sidekick Without has been discontinued as of January 2023.

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The Sidekick is Schacht’s travel spinning wheel. It’s designed to fold easily yet be a solid spinner.


  • Folds to 21.5″ h x 8.25″ w x 15″ d.
  • Integrated storage of bobbins, flyer, and whorls for transport.
  • Lightweight at 13 pounds.
  • 13.7″ drive wheel
  • Ratios from 4:1 to 13:1.
  • Long, comfortable treadles.
  • Uses the same bobbins, whorls, and flyer as the Schacht Matchless, Flatiron, and Ladybug wheels.
  • 25″ orifice height for comfortable spinning.
  • Employs Scotch tension with precise control knob.
  • The drive wheel spins on ball bearings. The flyer turns on self-aligning bearings.
  • Drive band tension adjuster allows for all whorls to be used with one drive band.

The Sidekick comes with 3 travel bobbins, fast and medium whorls, threading hook, adjustable carrying strap, and durable carry bag.

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Treadle Design Double Treadle
Drive Band Systems Scotch Tension
Orifice Height 25″
Orifice Diameter .375
Drive Wheel 13-3/4″
Bobbin Size and Weight 3″x4.5″; 3.5oz
Threading Hook .5oz
Weight 13 lbs.
Shipping Weight 19 lbs.
Shipping Size 26″ x 28″ x 11″

Whorl Specifications

Product #

Product name


WS6704 Slow Speed Whorl 4:1 and 4.8:1
WS6706 Medium Speed Whorl 5.7:1 and 6.8:1
WS6707 Fast Speed Whorl 8.0:1 and 9.0:1
WS6705 High Speed Whorl 10.0:1 and 12.0:1
WS6709 Super High Speed Whorl 11.0:1 and 13.0:1


  • 3 travel bobbins
  • medium and fast whorls
  • orifice hook
  • poly drive band
  • carrying strap
  • Sidekick Bag
  • manual

Accessories Available:

  • Schacht Tensioned Lazy Kate
  • Bulky Plyer Flyer
  • Slow, high speed, and super high speed whorls

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Sidekick assembly manual