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Warping Systems


A warping system allows you to wind warp chains with a cross for indirect warping.

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The warping peg set includes two clamps, a cross peg, and a starting peg. When you need to wind a warp chain, clamp the cross peg and starting peg into position with a clear path between them.

A warping board is more compact. Hang it on a wall or door, or rest the small one in your lap. Our 4-1/2 yard warping board measures 20″ w x 20″ h x 6″ d and weighs 3-1/2 lb. The 14-yard board measures 39″ w x 31″ h x 6″ d and weighs 7 lb.

Not sure how to choose a warping system? Sienna demonstrates winding a warp chain on the warping peg set and the warping board in this video.

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