Bobbin Winders

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Wind bobbins, pirns, and cardboard spools.

Our hand bobbin winders are available in single end and double end models. Clamp either model to a table. They are belt-driven with self-lubricating bronze bearings.

  • The single end winder has a tapered shaft that will accommodate bobbins up to 6″ long.
  • The double end winder can be used for bobbins, pirns, and large-flanged spools up to 9″ long and 5-1/2″ in diameter.

Our electric bobbin winder is double-ended and will accommodate bobbins, spools, and pirns up to 9″ long and with flanges up to 4″ in diameter. An electric winder saves time, especially when there’s a lot of winding to do. The speed of the winder is controlled by a foot-powered rheostat like that of a sewing machine.

assembly manual for hand winders (double and single end)

assembly manual for electric winder

  • Danish oil finish
fringe twister handles

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