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by Susan Kesler-Simpson
Finally, an easy explanation of Crackle Weave! Susan Kesler-Simpson, author of the popular Overshot Simply and Shadow Weave Simply, now explains Crackle Weave "simply." Her teaching style is to break down the weave structure into its basic parts so that it is easy to understand, and then teach you how the parts work together to create the weave structure so that you can use any pattern or create your own.

The areas of separating threads give crackle weave its appearance of cracking pottery, and once you see how the structure works, there is so much you can do with it! Crackle weave is a block weave structure made up of four or more threading blocks that are based on the twill structure. Each block has four threads made up of two primary threads and two secondary threads. Incidental threads are added when needed to keep the proper twill sequencing. These blocks can be enlarged, reduced, or change location, allowing you to have a traditional or more modern approach to your project.

And then there is color! Crackle weave has many options for playing with colors; colors can be added through the warp, primary threads, and/or secondary threads. Learning is not complete without practice, so there are 25 patterns to try for a variety of pieces in both modern and traditional effects. The projects are simple enough for any beginning weaver, and include shawls, scarves, rugs, blankets, towels, and table runners. Some are woven in the traditional crackle method while others introduce weaving crackle as overshot, summer/winter, and more. Start your exploration of Crackle Weave today!

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