Cricket Stands and Kits

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Cricket Loom, Cricket Quartet, and Cricket Trap sold separately.

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The Cricket Stand makes it easier than ever to use your Cricket Loom! It’s simple to put your Cricket on the stand and adjust the angle, and it’s quick to remove the loom when you take your Cricket out on the town.

The Cricket Stand is made of the same high-quality maple plywood as the Cricket and is left unfinished.

  • A 15" Stand will hold a 15" Cricket with or without the Cricket Quartet installed. The stand weighs about 3.5 pounds.
  • The 10" Stand weighs about 3.25 pounds. 10″ Cricket Looms made before February 2012 will require two holes drilled into each side. Complete instructions and drilling template are included.

  • unfinished wood

Cricket Stands—now with mid brace

In spring 2024, we added a mid brace for extra stability.

Mid Brace Upgrade Kit

Already have a Cricket Stand? It's easy to add a mid brace with our kit, which includes

  • mid brace sized for your stand
  • hardware to attach
  • drilling template and complete instructions
mid brace kit

Width Conversion Kits

Change the size of your Cricket Stand without buying a new one!

  • 10" to 15" conversion kit includes 1 cross brace, 1 mid brace (not shown here), and a hex wrench to tighten stand hardware.
  • 15" to 10" conversion kit includes 2 cross braces (one for the loom and one for the stand), 1 mid brace (not shown here), barrel nuts and screws to attach cross brace to loom, and a hex wrench to tighten stand hardware.

Cricket Stand Knob Kit

Want to use one Cricket Stand with multiple looms? This kit lets you add knobs and screws to each loom, so you can switch out looms easily.

Kit includes 2 plastic knobs, 2 washers, 2 Allen head screws, and a 5/32" hex wrench.