Variable Dent Reed Section

Additional sections for the Variable Dent Reed

Variable Dent Reed

The Variable Dent Reed is a rigid heddle reed with interchangeable 5, 8, 10, and 12 dent sections of reed. Each section is 2-3/8″ in width, and you can mix and match these sections to create your own custom reed. The number of sections you receive varies with the length of the reed—get the details […]

Variable Dent Reed Manual

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The Variable Dent Reed

Many of you were probably thrilled to hear the news that Schacht now has a variable dent reed available for both the Cricket and the Flip rigid heddle looms. But what is it, what exactly does this mean for your weaving experience, and how do you go about using it? First of all, what is […]

Simple Guide for your Rigid Heddle Reeds

Let’s talk rigid heddle reeds! There are 5-, 8-, 10-, and 12- dent reeds available for the Cricket and Flip Looms, in addition to Variable Dent Reeds. 5 dent reed: Bulky! Contrary to some people’s belief, bulky yarn is great as a warp yarn, especially with a fingering in the weft. It shows off the warp nicely, […]

Variable Dent Challenge – Recycled Yarn Wrap

Variable Dent Challenge–Recycled Yarn Wrap by Judy Pagels Judy Pagels, Schacht Sales Manager, in her comfy wrap. The Plan: For my variable dent reed project I wanted to use the reed sections in a graduated dent configuration. Beyond that I wanted to have a wide enough weaving width to showcase the gradation. My trusty 20” Flip Loom was the […]

Variable Dent Challenge – Beguiling Beaded Bodice

We are lucky to have a company such as Natural Fiber Producers in the fiber world. Their mission includes supporting farmers and providing quality Certified Sorted® yarn for shops. The benefit of Certified Sorted® is two-fold. The farmers are able to sell the whole fleece and Natural Fiber Producers sorts it and sells it. The consumer benefits because they get […]

Variable Dent Challenge – Summer Plaid Rag Table Runner

SUMMER PLAID RAG TABLE RUNNER – Designed and Woven by Gail Matthews Jane and I were finishing up work on the Schacht Guide to the Rigid Heddle Loom insert for the May/June 2014 issue of Handwoven when I was asked about making something using the Variable Dent Reed. I liked the rag runner in the […]

Variable Dent Challenge – Ruffled Scarf

Ruffled Scarf – Designed and Woven By Jane Patrick This silk and wool scarf was inspired by one Stephanie Flynn Sokolov designed for our Woven Scarves book (Interweave Press, 2014). For this earthy interpretation, I offset the wool stripe for an asymmetrical look. The 8 dent section allows for extra space for the wool to felt. Section placement: […]

Variable Dent Challenge – Summer Cowl

Summer Cowl – Designed and Woven by Benjamin Krudwig Benjamin Krudwig in the Summer Cowl When I was a child, summer was my favorite season. White t-shirts, blue jeans and grass stains on both meant I had a “productive” day. For this variable dent reed cowl, I wanted to capture that summer feeling in an accessory […]

Fence Post Scarf – Blue Sky Fibers Collaboration

We love working with Blue Sky Fibers, so when they debuted their new Eco-Cashmere and Woolstok Jumbo, we knew we had to weave with it. I came up with this fun, textured scarf that combines two very different sizes of yarn. Our variable dent reed made it all possible   Equipment: 10″ Cricket Loom Weave […]

Surprise Pick-up Pillow – Pillow Month

Our final installation of Pillow Month comes from Judy Pagels. You may know her as a vital member of our sales team and if you’re a retailer, you’ve certainly spoken to her on the phone or at TNNA. Judy is known for her love of texture and color, and while she’s an experienced weaver, her […]

Flip loom

THE SCHACHT FLIP FOLDING RIGID HEDDLE LOOM Flip, our folding rigid heddle loom, is comfortable, compact, sturdy, and a pleasure to weave on. Designed for high performance, this loom folds in a jiffy for storage or transport. Weave in comfort. Choose three different weaving modes: use the rear leg for hooking to a table edge, […]

Freeform, SAORI-Inspired Weaving on the Cricket Loom

  If you are an avid fiber crafter, there’s a good chance that you’ve taken notice of weaving and the incredible surge in popularity this craft has been experiencing. Perhaps you’ve even dipped a toe in the water, having purchased a small rigid heddle loom for yourself before you order that special floor loom. Soon, […]

Time to Level Up – Holiday Product Gift Guide

The holidays are right around the corner, and it seems like time is speeding along. Have you left your wish list posted on the front of the fridge for your loved ones? If not, it’s not too early to start putting the bug in their ear about what tools you’re most longing for! Here’s a […]

Sett Yourself Up For Success

“It depends.” That is often the answer I give when I’m asked how to sett a yarn. It depends on the fiber content of the yarn. It depends on the size of the yarn. It depends on how the fabric will be finished. It depends on the intended use of the fabric. Generally, once you’ve […]

How to Spin and Weave Thick and Thin Yarn – Gherkin’s Bucket Collaboration

When Krysten from Gherkin’s Bucket showed me the new colorway she dyed up for this collaboration, I was floored! The stunning blues, greens, greys, and browns are a perfect way to celebrate the coming of spring. When I started planning this project, I knew I wanted to spin a thick and thin single, then ply […]

7 Ways to Weave With Textured Yarns

Art yarn, whether you spin it yourself or purchase it readymade, is a catalyst for creative woven fabrics. Art yarn spinning techniques are so much fun to do and make such beautiful and unique yarns. What follows often, though, is the question, “what do I do with it?” Due to the stitch structure of knitting […]

Smith and Moreno Take On Weaving

Beth Smith and Jillian Moreno live about 30 minutes from each other, and spend a lot of spinning time together, trading ideas and cheering each other on. Recently, the two have found weaving sneaking into their thoughts more and more. “Wouldn’t it be fun,” they said, “to do a project where we spin our yarn […]

Benjamin’s Outlandish Tartan Scarf

Recently I had the pleasure of working with the Lhasa Wilderness yarn from Bijou Basin Ranch in a few of their new colors from their Outlandish colorway series which was inspired by Outlander, a book and recent TV series based in the Scottish Highlands. When I was thinking of projects for this yarn I immediately knew […]

Schacht Holiday Gift Guide

Our first snow has fallen in Boulder and November is well on its way. Meaning: the holidays are just around the corner. We all know that finding the perfect gift for your fiber enthusiast can be a challenge. However, all of us in the Schacht office can offer suggestions–because we want all of these things too! Here is a simple […]

Weaving Around the World – Floral Cashmere Shawl

Weaving Around the World – Floral Cashmere Shawl Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of working with some beautiful hand spun cashmere yarn from Afghanistan. From the Mountain is a great company working with folks overseas to bring viable hand made products to the United States to help support those artisans. The yarn was spun by […]

Winter Doll Winner – Susan Inouye

We are taking a brief break from our Variable Dent Reed series to bring you a special post. Last week we announced the winner of the Winter Zoom Loom Doll challenge; this week we have the inspiration behind the winning doll. Susan’s Doll – Winnie the Winter Doll We asked Susan what her inspiration was […]

Fashion Trends 2014

Although we have been hearing about different fashion trends for 2014 for some time now, we thought it would be fun to share the forecast! The great thing about being makers and crafters, is that we are able to look at current trends and immediately make something. Whereas fashion designers must design months, if not […]

Happy Little Clouds Scarf

When autumn rolls around, I can’t help but feel excited about dusting off my scarf collection. Shortly after reviewing the ever-growing, yet neatly folded pile, I inevitably determine it is lacking that perfect scarf. And shortly after determining that my collection of scarves is lacking, I am sketching out a plan for a new scarf. […]

Honeycomb Fabric on the Flip Loom

This is the perfect project to practice your pick-up skills. While honeycomb is suited to many applications, this fabric is intended for a pillow. Toned down a bit by the weft, this design picks up just enough of the sparkle to show off the honeycomb weave structure. Overview of Weave: This pillow is woven in […]

Fringed Woven Rope Vest

“Creative, innovative, exciting, and new, all come together in this wonderful woven rope vest from designer Benjamin Collyn Krudwig and Schacht Spindle Company.” – Barry Klein of Trendsetter Yarns. These were the words uttered during the Summer TNNA (The National Needle Arts) fashion show in Cleveland as the Fringed Woven Rope Vest adorned the runway […]

Lassie Shawl

Designed by Stephanie Flynn-Sokolov Plaids and checks are popular again in day and evening wear for both men and women. Ranging from earthy hues to bold and bright, plaids and checks are mixed and matched with prints and solids. This asymmetrical plaid scarf woven in soft hues and luscious Berroco Briza yarn is generously sized […]