Making Rope With Variegated Yarn

Making Rope With Variegated Yarn

If you're a regular reader, you have seen a few projects that we've done with our Incredible Rope Machine. This tool has been around since the dawn of the company and we love playing around with it. Take it from Barry circa 1970 and his groovy belt.

Barry in groovy belt

For most projects, we make rope using a single color of yarn, or using multiple yarns together. For part of an upcoming holiday project, we decided to make a rope using a variegated yarn, Classic Elite Yarns Liberty Wool in the North Sea Whitecaps color.

variegated yarn

For comparison, we wove a square on the Zoom Loom. When weaving squares with variegated yarns, the color changes create a pseudo plaid pattern. We were intrigued to see how the finished rope would turn out when using this yarn.

yarn in Zoom Loom square

We made one pass with the yarn at a length of about 3 yards and started creating our rope. We noticed that with the length of the various color repeats in the yarn, some of the darker colors overlapped more, while the lighter tones were less frequent. This created a speckled yarn with pops of light blue against a field of dark blue.

variegated rope

Check back in a couple of weeks to see our 2017 office holiday project, where we come together and create a piece of decor for the holidays.

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