Woven Companion Cube

Woven Companion Cube

In keeping with the theme of art this week, we have a small inspiration post for you this weekend.

Though this could be considered a toy, it also functions as a small piece of "soft sculpture." Sam Strasser, one of our CNC operators at the factory, created a small cube inspired by the video game "Portal" by Valve Corporation.

To make this cube, weave 6 squares on the zoom loom with a grey wool yarn. Felt the squares and sew them into a cube shape. Before sewing the final square into the cube, take a small cube of wood and wrap it with batting to create a heavy, yet padded form for your woven cube to be sewn around. Use craft felt and embroidery thread to create the motifs and sew them onto each side of the cube. A little fabric glue may help to keep the felt cutouts in place.

Have you made any woven or spun art inspired by fictional references? Share them with us on social media!

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