How do I drill holes in my 10" Cricket Loom for the cross brace?

If you want to use a 10" Cricket Stand with your 10" Cricket Loom, you must install a cross brace on the loom. Look at the sides of your 10" Cricket Loom. If you see holes for the cross brace, as shown below, you're all set. If you do not see these holes, you will need to drill them.


holes for cross brace

  • You may want to disassemble your loom before drilling the sides.
  • Carefully cut out the drilling template. Use a nail or pointed screw to poke a hole through the paper where indicated.
    Align the template on one loom side, from the outer side of the loom, then tape in place. Using a hammer and nail or pointed screw, mark the drill holes on the loom side. Repeat this step to mark the other loom side, reversing the template for correct positioning.
  • Clamp a scrap of wood to a loom side, on its inner side and beneath the marked holes. Position the loom on the corner of a work surface so you can drill down into the marked holes. If you wish, clamp the loom side to the work surface.

The scrap wood protects your loom sides from damage—do not drill without it. You will have to drill completely through the loom sides; use a work surface that you don’t mind damaging.

  • Using a drill with a 3/16" bit, drill straight down through the marked holes. Go all the way through the loom side into the scrap wood. Repeat this step on the remaining loom side.
  • If you disassembled the loom, reassemble it now.

Download the drilling template.

Download the product manual.

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