How do I identify hardware when I assemble my Schacht product?

The short version: You can identify the hardware packed with your Schacht product from its drive type, head shape, and length. If you need to measure the length of a nut or bolt, measure its shaft only (there are different guidelines for measuring different head shapes, but you can usually figure out what’s what from the shaft length). For nuts and washers, measure the hole diameter.

The long version (with photos): Many Schacht looms, spinning wheels, and accessories come fully or partially disassembled to protect the item during shipping. The box or package includes all the necessary hardware and an illustrated assembly manual. We endeavor to make the manual as clear as possible; for many products, you can also find assembly videos on Schacht’s Youtube channel. But even with these resources, the hardware holding everything in place—called fasteners—can be confusing. This hardware guide explains how fasteners work and how they’re listed in Schacht assembly manuals. We provide complete details about the fasteners included with every product so that you can easily identify which part to use in each assembly step and, if necessary, find an exact match at your local hardware store.

Schacht Hardware Guide

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