How do I fold or unfold my Wolf loom?

All Wolf looms fold and unfold in the same way, whether they have 4 shafts or 8 shafts, low castles or high castles. The only exception: all original Wolf Pups,  all Wolf Pup LTs, and the very earliest Baby Wolf and Mighty Wolf looms do not have slide lock bars.

It's much easier to fold or unfold a Wolf Pup 8.10, Baby Wolf, or Mighty Wolf with a helper—put one person at each end to handle the loom's width and the weight of the castle. (The original Wolf Pup and the Wolf Pup LT are lighter and can be managed by one person.)

diagram of Wolf loom

Unfolding a Wolf Loom

  1. Slightly loosen the black fold knobs on each castle side. Generally, a single turn will do. Loosening the knobs all the way or removing them can cause the loom to collapse, which could result in injury.
  2. Stand at the side of the loom. Hold the front and back beams together slightly. If your loom has slide lock bars, pull them partially out, toward the back of the loom.
  3. Continue holding onto the front and back beams and allow the loom to unfold all the way. If the loom is warped, you may need to hold down the brake release pedal with your foot to loosen the warp as you unfold the loom.
  4. When the loom has completely opened, push the fold knobs down to the bottom of the slots in the castle. Tighten the knobs. You can push in the slide lock bars to get them out of the way.

Folding a Wolf Loom

To prevent treadles from dragging on the floor when the loom is folded, attach every treadle to at least one tie-up cord.

  1. Start folding the loom: If your loom has slide lock bars, make sure they are pulled out all the way. Loosen the fold knobs one full turn and pull them up in their slots.
  2. With one hand on the back beam and one hand on the front beam, push the loom together as far as it will go.
  3. Tighten the fold knobs. Push the slide lock bars in towards the front of the loom.

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