How do I install apron bars and apron cords on my Flip loom?

  1. Attach the apron cords to the cloth and warp beams: Insert one end of a cord through a beam hole. Slide the 3/16″ dowel through the first complete loop of an apron cord (Figure A). Repeat for the remaining holes on the beams.
  2. Create a loop for the apron bar: Fold the cord about 4″ from the free end and insert the fold through the first complete loop at the free end of the cord (Figure B).
  3. Place the apron bar in the cord loop: Slide the apron bar through the loop (Figure B) and pull tight (Figure C).

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for each cord.
Three apron bars are included with your loom. The third bar is used for lashing on in certain warping methods.

apron bars for Flip looms

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