What is a variable dent reed and how do I use it?

Typical reeds for rigid heddle looms have holes and slots evenly spaced for a particular weaving sett. When you want to weave at 10 ends per inch (EPI), you use the 10-dent reed for your loom, or you use a 5-dent reed and double the warp ends in each slot and hole.

A variable dent reed lets you vary the sett in your weaving project for deliberately uneven spacing of the warp ends. You can mix up yarns of different weights, weave the same yarn at different setts in the fabric, or warp with textured yarns. (Search for "variable dent reed" on our website to find free projects.)

Each variable dent reed comes with reed sections that you can mix and match. Simply remove the top bar, add the reed sections you want to use, then re-attach the top bar. Warp the rigid heddle loom with the direct or indirect method and start weaving.

variable dent reed with 8, 12, 5, and 10 dent sections

You can purchase additional reed sections for variable dent reeds. This table will help you plan projects for variable dent reeds.

table of reed sizes

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