What is a Wolf Height Extender Loom?

It's important to consider ergonomics when you choose a loom. Weaving height, or the distance from the floor to the front beam, will affect your body position and thus your comfort when you weave.

Regular Wolf looms sit 2 inches closer to the ground—30 inches from floor to front beam—than our Standard Floor Loom, which has a 32" weaving height. We realized that this lower height might be uncomfortable for taller weavers, or people with long legs, so we designed a way to raise the loom to 32". You can order the Mighty Wolf, Baby Wolf, Wolf Pup 8.10, or Wolf Pup LT as a Height Extender loom. You can also buy and install a Height Extender Kit later.

A Height Extender loom differs from a regular loom in several ways:

  • Blocks attach to all four legs, raising the entire loom 2 inches higher off the floor. The loom's legs sit on these blocks.
  • Treadles and the brake release pedal are longer.
  • If you want a stroller, you have to use the Height Extender Stroller; the regular Wolf Stroller won't fit a Height Extender loom.

If you order a Height Extender loom, it will ship from our factory with the longer treadles and brake release pedal installed. You will attach the leg blocks and then the Height Extender Stroller (optional). If you later add the Height Extender Kit to a regular loom, you'll install the leg blocks, then the longer treadles and brake release pedal, and finally the Height Extender Stroller (optional).

NOTE: If you add a Height Extender Stroller to a Height Extender Loom, you must first complete installation of all Height Extender parts on the loom. You cannot install the Stroller first, and then the Height Extender parts.


Product manuals

Wolf Pup LT Height Extender Kit

Wolf Pup 8.10 Height Extender Kit

Baby Wolf and Mighty Wolf Height Extender Kits

Wolf Height Extender Stroller

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