Schacht Tools for Schools Grant Update: Christ the Divine Teacher School

Schacht Tools for Schools Grant Update: Christ the Divine Teacher School

Christ the Divine Teacher School used the ten Easel Weaver looms for multiple projects in the past year. Martin again hosted Fiber Arts Club at CDT. There were 18 students ranging from grades three to five. In the fall, the fourth and fifth graders in Fiber Arts Club each wove a weft faced coaster on an Easel Weaver that was already warped with 8/2 cotton. They experimented with different textures, sizes, and colors of yarn. They also learned how alternating weft colors made vertical stripes that they could incorporate into their designs. Some students were drawn to thinner novelty yarns, which they used by combining with a thicker yarn to make weaving easier. It took longer for students to catch on to using a shed stick before sending the shuttle through, but over time it made the weaving much faster and enjoyable. The Easel Weavers were a simple way to introduce students to weaving before they wove towels on floor looms, later in the year.


In the spring, Mrs. Seremet taught the second grade how to use the Easel Weavers in art class. They learned what each tool included with the looms was called and what it did. They then worked in pairs warping the looms. Once the second graders warped the loom, they had the opportunity to weave and were very excited about the process. They were also very good at helping their partner if they needed help. This made for a great cooperative learning experience for the students. It allowed them to practice teamwork and communication skills that will also be useful in their other classes. They look forward to going deeper into weaving next year.

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