Zoom Loom Yarn Explorations 2013

Mountain Colors

Mountain Colors

Below are squares woven with yarns from Mountain Colors
Mountain Colors always has a wonderful selection of yarns and colors perfect for weaving!


Mountain Colors yarns

Yarns shown are:
Top row, left to right: Wool Crepe, 100% Merino Wool, color Spring Eclipse. This yarn is really springy and has a great drape. Bearfoot, 60% Superwash Wool/25% Mohair/15% Nylon, color Logan Berry. The third square is one strand of Wool Crepe Spring Eclipse and one strand of Logan Berry, woven together in all 4 layers.

Bottom row, left to right: Bearfoot, 60% Superwash Wool/25% Mohair/15% Nylon, color Harmony Aspen. Weaver's Wool Quarters, 100% Worsted Wool, color Juniper. Merino Ribbon, 80% Superfine Merino Wool/20% Nylon, color Winter Sky. We recommend the Ribbon yarn to more advanced Zoom Loom weavers because it is a little bit more of a challenge to weave on the Zoom Loom--it's worth it, though, for the wonderful texture it produces. Twizzle, 85% merino wool/15% silk, color Gold Rush. We love how the Twizzle weaves up!

It would be fun to mix and match different yarns with the same colorway to create coherent pallets with different textures. Another interesting experiment would be to use the same yarn type (ex. Weavers Wool) in different colorways.

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