Free online course—Spring Quarantine 2020 Spin-Along

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Course Description

Spin and ply colorful hand-dyed braids with different techniques, then knit or weave the yarn. The course covers:

  • combo (combination) drafting
  • Navajo plying (chain plying)
  • 3-ply yarn from fractal and as-it-comes singles
  • weaving with handspun: plain weave and crackle twill runner/scarf
  • knitting with handspun: hat/bowl and pillow covers
Is this course for you?

If you're comfortable with basic drafting methods like short forward draw, and you want to expand your spinning toolbox with color techniques, you'll love this course.

  • at least one 4-ounce braid of fiber or small samples (like pigtails) with contrasting colors
  • spinning wheel or spindle
  • knitting needles, crochet hook, and/or Zoom Loom for swatching
  • knitting needles for knitted projects
  • rigid heddle loom or shaft loom for weaving projects
  • Shop recommended equipment

meet your instructor

Deb Gerish

Deb has enjoyed yarn and fiber as a hobby since the 1980s, so when she needed a career change, she got into the fiber arts world. She loves to knit and weave with her handspun and can frequently tell you the names of the sheep who contributed their wool for her sweaters. As Project Manager for Schacht, she helps get new products out the door with assembly manuals and diagrams; she also produces content with the School of Textile Arts team.