Mighty Wolf Looms

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Reed 6 dent


We built the Mighty Wolf for weavers who liked the Baby Wolf and wanted a wider width. The Mighty Wolf has a weaving width of 36β€³ and uses the same X-frame design as other Wolf looms. Its high castle includes a handy storage tray. Choose from 8 shafts (also called harnesses) or 4 Now-4 Later looms.

assembly manual (looms shipped in the US)

assembly manual (looms shipped internationally)

  • Danish oil finish

Weaving Width - 36"

Loom Width - 45"

Height at Breast Beam - 29.5"

Height w/Castle - 41"

Height Folded - 48"

Depth Open - 33"

Depth Closed - 17"

Weight 4 Now-4 Later - 106 lbs.

Weight 8 Shaft - 120 lbs.

Heddles - 1000

What's Included

  • 1 stainless steel reedβ€”choose dent above
  • 1000 inserted eye heddles
  • brass reed hook
  • 3 apron bars
  • 14 apron cords
  • 2 lease sticks
  • 80 tie-up cords*

*Height Extender loom and kit include height extender tie-ups.

Cherry Mighty Wolf
4 Now-4 Later Loom

This loom can grow with your weaving skills. It's an 8-shaft loom shipped with 4 shafts installed and space to add an additional 4 shafts whenever you wish with our handy 4 Later kit. These looms ship with all the treadles, heddles, and tie-ups normally included with an 8-shaft loom.

linen fabric
Height Extender Loom

Height extender blocks raise the loom 2 inches, giving our Wolf looms the same weaving height as our Standard Floor looms. Height extender looms have longer treadles and a longer brake pedal; they also use height extender tie-ups.

What do I need for Shaft Loom Weaving?

warping board, 4-1/2 yd
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Baby Wolf 8-shaft loom with High Castle Tray and Trap
Baby Wolf 8-shaft loom with High Castle Tray and Trap
Baby Wolf 8-shaft loom and Wolf Stroller
Height Extender Kit for Wolf looms
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